Title: re:pose
Performer: Toca Loca
Instrumentation: Two Pianos, One Percussion, and Live Electronics
Program Notes:
Written for the Toca Loca Ensemble
Many musicians speak of gesture. Yet gesture, a physical term, implies movement with trajectory, force, through space and time. Re:Pose is a work based on musical “postures”. A posture is a configuration of the human body that is motionless. One may describe a posture as having energy, line, and force even though it is static. Furthermore, postures can convey meaning such as lethargy or aggressiveness or may be symbolic such as kneeling during prayer or the postures in yoga. Thus, this work is an exploration in how a physical posture can be applied to musical parameters and, at the same time, convey meaning. As a specific musical posture is presented I take various “points of view” revealing the posture through different angles and lighting. As the piece progresses, I wanted to convey a sequence of postures, flowing, independent, but having an overall form. Furthermore, another concept that emerged in my work was postural equipoise. This is a posture that reaches a state of balance through the opposition of forces. Thus, musically I explored the opposition between the forces of movement and stillness, sound and silence, progression and stasis, agitation and repose.