Title: Ksana I
Performer: Dresden Philharmonie - Dominik Beykirch - Conductor
Instrumentation: for Orchestra
Premier: May 21, 2014, Dresden, Germany
Program Notes:
Ksana is a Buddhist concept of time and translates from the Sanskrit word for moment. As a temporal category, this moment represents neither chronological nor progressive temporalities. Rather, this moment can be defined as an instantaneous and also fleeting point in time. Within one moment, events may arise and disappear. Our experience may be considered a series of instantaneous moments, connected only by our own consciousness. Musically, I asked myself - how long is a musical experience? I focused on the idea of a sonic impulse representing a single musical moment. I then tried to stretch these impulses, forming a musical line. I approached the orchestra as a complex sound-producing organism that could create a massive sound from the collection of many small sounds. Therefore, within a single impulse, all instruments sound, yet what we hear is this collective ‘Zusammenklang’ and not the individual instruments. From this impulse, certain timbres emerge that were once hidden inside, revealing the sound contained within.

Ksana ist ein buddhistisches Konzept von Zeit - musikalisch lotete Tan sehr klangsinnlich quasi die Modellierung eines Augenblicks und seiner Zerstreuung aus.
mehr licht, Musik Kultur Dresden
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