Title: Bardo
Performer: Ensemble Recherche, Les Cris de Paris
Instrumentation: Voices (Tenor and Bass), Oboe and Cello
Program Notes:

Bardo, a Tibetan term, defines a liminal or intermediate state between two existential planes. In the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, after death, one’s consciousness is taken through numerous bardo states and exposed to various images, deities, and karmic mirrors, leading the consciousness to its resultant rebirth or to enlightenment. My goal was to create a musical experience of one’s consciousness pulled between bardo states. Furthermore, during the death process, a monk reads a sacred text to the deceased as a guide through this bardo state. This text is known as, “The Great Liberation through Hearing.” From this text, and other mantras, I assembled the text for this piece imagining as if the voices were heard within, guiding the consciousness to its karmic goal.